Fresh on Hamilton

The Salty Grilled Cheese
Salty black olive pesto, cheddar, mozza and feta cheese.  Very cheesy, very good.
The Apple Gouda Grilled Cheese
Fresh apple slices, bacon and gouda(lactose free) on ciabatta.  It’s gooooooouda. 
 A shout out to all the vegetarians in the house! Artichokes, peppers, mushrooms 
and goat cheeese.  Drizzled with Italian dressing.
Peachy Bacon
Surprisingly - absolutely delicious.  Warm peaches, salty bacon and mozza grilled on a bun.
Honey Dijon Chicken
Honey Dijon chicken and mozza panini grilled.
Blue BBQ Chicken
BBQ chicken tossed in a creamy sauce with celery, green onions, carmelized onions 
and blue cheese.
Smoked Salmon
Smoked Salmon, dill cream cheese, pea shoots and red onion served on toasted marble rye.
Bacon Sandwich
Bacon, tomatoes, guacamole and cheese.  Toasted on white.  
Corned beef, sauerkraut, and swiss. Toasted on marble rye.
Lemon Tarragon Tuna Melt
Yummy tuna with a touch of lemon, tarragon, and melty cheese.  
Spinach and Feta Quiche
with tomatoes, green onions and red peppers.  Really, really yummy and GLUTEN FREE!
Honey Garlic Chicken Club Wrap       
Honey garlic chicken tossed with lettuce, ham, bacon, aioli and shredded cheddar.
Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap      
Chicken tossed with romaine, bacon, parmesan and caesar dressing.  
Buffalo Chicken Wrap      
Spicy buffalo chicken wrapped with lettuce, red pepper, cucumber, cheese and ranch dressing.
Greek Wrap      
Chicken, cucumbers, red onion, red peppers and tomatoes tossed in tzatziki and topped with feta.  
Veggie Wrap       
Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, red and green peppers, red onions and pea shoots.  Topped with mozzarella and ranch dressing.  
Caesar Salad      
Romaine, bacon bits, homemade croutons and parmesan in a creamy caesar dressing.
Greek Salad       
Tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, feta and black olives tossed in our greek dressing.  
Mango Salad       
Romaine, mango, red onion, dried cranberries and sunflower seeds tossed with our 
homemade peach dressing.
Strawberry Goat Cheese Salad       
Tossed with sugared almonds and our homemade dressing.
House Salad       
Romaine, cucumbers, tomatoes, red peppers, pepperoncini, croutons, and our homemade dressing.  
Soup & Salad       
A smaller serving so you can enjoy both!  Variety is the spice of life!
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